Landscape services

C&T Lawn and Landscape has been offering a complete menu of landscape construction services since 1993.  We have the experience, know-how, and expertise to complete landscape projects from the small simple one to the large intricate project.  You think it and we can design and build it.   Give us a call today to schedule one of our landscape designers to come out and meet with you.

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Landscape design

A great landscape starts with a great design. Our designers will work with you to provide you with a beautiful yet functional outdoor space.  C & T Lawn and Landscape offers you the expertise needed to design and install new plantings, design a beautiful new patio or even build a retaining wall. Whether designing and installing landscaping for your new home or updating your existing landscaping, we can plan and design it for you.

C&T Lawn and Landscape has over 31 years experience designing landscape and hardscapes. This experience gets put to good use on every landscape project we design and install.  We would love to design your outdoor space for you! 

Hardscape installation

Hardscape is the backbone or skeleton of your property. It establishes the structure upon which a landscape can be built.  Retaining walls define a space and hold back sloped soils allowing a level passage or expanded patio space. Durable surfaces of concrete pavers, clay pavers or natural stone slabs establish a design style while adding extended value to your property.

At C&T Lawn and Landscape we only use premium materials, like quality pavers (whether natural stones, bricks, or concrete pavers) and premium wood for shade structures (pergolas or gazebos.) We also use sturdy wall blocks for our garden and retaining wall projects. We know that the choice of quality materials is vital to ensure the durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal of any hardscape, which is why we never settle for the cheap alternatives. 

We also have the proper tools including heavy machinery if need be. This allows us to perform our jobs efficiently and to complete our projects on time. This allows us to perform your job professionally and efficiently

Landscape Installation

Our landscapes combine your ideas and wishes with the style of your home, to end up with a look that enhances your property and reflects your personality using annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees.

We do this by using locally grown plant material in combinations to achieve year round interest. Problem issues such as drainage, screening, extreme shade, sun conditions or accessibility issues are solved and incorporated into the final design.

Turf Installation

We offer several different ways to establish a new lawn:

  • Sod:  We work with some of the finest sod farms in the area
  • Seed/Blanket
  • Slit-Seeding
  • Hydro-Seeding

Contact us today and let us help you figure out which one is the best option for you.

outdoor led lighting

Want to light up your home or plants or other outdoor features?  Then landscape lighting is where its at. 

Most of us have experienced the convenience and cost-savings that come with using LED bulbs in our homes. The same LED technology that you have in your homes is overtaking outdoor lighting as well and bringing with it a whole host of benefits.  Gone are the days when LEDs could not deliver the warm light that halogens do. Now you can enjoy the economy and efficiency of LEDs without sacrificing the look and feel of the light you need.

Even though LED bulbs and fixtures cost more up front, they save you money down the line because they use significantly less energy.  Halogen bulbs last 2,000 to 4,000 hours, while LEDs will go for up to 50,000 hours. Imagine the time, money and hassle you’ll save by not having to replace your the bulbs for another 5-10 years. 

Give us a call today or email us and we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you.


Mulch is a layer of wood material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

C & T Lawn and Landscape offers several different styles and types of mulch that we can install on your property.  Give us a call today and we can help you decide on the best type of mulch for your area.

Drainage solutions

C&T Lawn and Landscape helps you eliminate wet areas in your lawn or landcape by directing it where it should go by using many methods including:  Re-grading the area, installing underground piping, installing a underground french drain, or a combination of these.