Maintenance Services

Since 1993 C&T Lawn and Landscape have been designing, installing, and maintaining beautiful landscapes throughout Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana.  Contact us today to let us work on your landscape and give you the freedom of not spending all your spare time on your landscape.  Give us a call today to schedule an estimate.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Program

We visit your property weekly to keep it looking its best!  We cut the lawn to the recommended height for your species of lawn, spin trim around the landscaped areas on your property, edge along concrete walks and drives, remove clippings and debris from walkways and driveways, and clean up the leaves in the fall.

turf fertilizer and weed control programs

Our fertilizer programs combine both granular and liquid applications to give your lawn the nutrition and weed control it needs throughout the year in 5 visits:

  • The first visit promotes green-up and recovery from winter stress along with pre-emergence crabgrass control.
  • The second visit provides the extra nutrients your lawn needs during this fast growing season along with controlling any broadleaf weeds in your lawn.
  • The third visit helps your lawn thru the summer months and continues to control any additional broadleaf weeds in your lawn.
  • The fourth visit encourages new root growth which helps to thicken your turf, along with continued broadleaf weed control protection.
  • The fifth visit prepares your lawn for the winter by promoting food storage and root growth.

We also offer add on grub control, sod webworm control, and fungus control to round out your program

Bush and shrub trimming

We professionally trim your bushes and shrubs to their proper height and shape.  We also clean up the clippings.

turf Aeration

Aerating your turf removes small plugs from your lawn.  The holes left in the lawn and the plugs left on top of the turf help in several ways.  It reduces compaction of the soil and allows circulation of air, water, and nutrients to the root zone.  Periodic aerating helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.  This process is done in the spring or fall of the year.


Power seeding (or Slit-seeding) is a process that is used to thicken your existing lawn. 

The power seeder puts slits just into the soil of your turf and drops a majority of the grass seed into the slit.  This process puts the seeds exactly where they need to be to germinate with minimal disruption of your existing lawn.   

This process is done in the spring or the fall.

Turf dethatching

Dethatching your lawn is the removal of some of the thatch layer in your lawn with a machine called a power rake. 

This allows air, water, and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your turf.  This process also can help prevent certain types of fungus issues. 

This process is done in the spring or fall of the year.

Spring Clean-up,   fall clean-up,   gutter cleaning

In the spring we visit your property and clean up the leaves and minor debris left over from the previous fall and winter.  We also cut down any perennials or ornamental grasses.

In the fall we visit your property and clean up the leaves that have fallen in your lawn and landscaped areas.  We also cut down any spent perennials at this time.

When we perform a gutter cleaning we clean the roof and gutters, clean out the downspouts, and clean up the mess.