Lawn maintenance South Holland

Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is somewhat like a picture frame. No matter how beautiful the picture, it will look less attractive with a shabby frame and no matter how beautiful your home is, a shabby, unkempt lawn will detract from its beauty. Everyone wants a well-manicured lawn, but with today’s hectic lifestyle very few of us have the time to spare. In addition to that, no one wants to spend what little extra time that they have doing tedious lawn maintenance. South Holland IL residents, as well as those in the surrounding areas, can have the perfectly groomed lawn that they want with our weekly lawn maintenance program.

This program is designed to keep your yard looking clean and well cared for on a weekly basis. It includes mowing your lawn to its optimum height, spin trimming around any gardens or landscaped areas than can be reached with a mower, as well as edging along drives, walkways, and patios every other week. When your lawn is finished we will remove any debris or clippings that have been produced.

Fertilization Program

The fertilization program is designed to give your lawn all the weed control and nutrition that it needs to look its best throughout the year. Using both liquid and dry, granular fertilizer, we fertilize your lawn according to its changing needs in the course of 5 visits.

On the first visit your lawn will be fertilized with a special product that will help it to green-up and recover from the stress of winter. In addition to fertilization we will also apply a pre-emergence crab grass control product.

The second visit will include the application of a fertilizer that will provide your lawn with the added nutrients that it needs for lush growth as well as controlling the broadleaf weeds that can invade your lawn.

Visit number three is specifically made to give your lawn the extra help it needs to stay green and healthy through the hot summer months. During this visit additional weed control as well as surface feeding insect problems will be addressed. For a small additional fee we will also provide grub control.

The fourth visit is geared toward encouraging new root growth to thicken the turf and will also continue with the ongoing weed and insect control.

On the fifth and final visit, we will prepare your lawn for the harsh winter ahead. Even after you no longer need lawn maintenance, South Holland IL experiences severe winters, so make sure that your lawn is prepared.

Other Services

There are many more services that your lawn may require to stay green and healthy. From dethatching and aeration in the spring and fall to trimming your hedges or bushes during the summer, we can take care of everything. If your lawn has thin spots, slit seeding might be just what you need. A machine makes a cut in the surface of your lawn and places the seeds just where they are needed most without disrupting the growth of other parts of your lawn

Spring and fall yard cleanup is a hassle that no one wants to deal with, so let us take care of it for you. We also offer snow plowing and removal during the winter. Our staff monitors incoming storms so that we are prepared to give you prompt service and ensure that your drive or parking lot is easily accessible.