Advanced technology has made planning your new landscape easier than ever. Computerized landscape design allows us to show you where everything will be placed before you make a final decision. During the planning process we will keep your desired budget in mind while showing you how to make the most of your outdoor living areas. After the planning stage, C&T will install every component from start to finish. From installing a new paver patio to planting that ornamental tree that you’ve always wanted, we take care of it all quickly and professionally. We do much more than lawncare, South Holland IL residents can rely on us for any and all landscaping projects.

Brick Patios, Walkways, and Driveways


There is nothing quite like the charm that a brick walkway or patio lends to your landscape. The variety of pattern and colors available are almost endless and they can easily be incorporated into your outdoor project. Since we work with numerous manufacturers we can offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Since brick and pavers are prone to movement, we spend that extra time and energy preparing a foundation that will minimize movement and settling of your project.

Renovation Projects


Landscaping doesn’t have to mean a huge investment. Something as simple as replacing old shrubs or bushes can give your lawn the facelift it needs. We can remove existing materials and replace them with something fresh and new in a minimal amount of time.


Sod turf

We use only the highest quality sod, but what is underneath your sod is as important as the sod itself. We make sure that the dirt is correctly prepared to receive the sod before it is delivered. After the soil underneath is ready, we will deliver the sod as well as carefully and professionally install it.



Hydro-seeding is a unique process of seeding your lawn. It is more efficient as well as more effective than traditional methods because it is actually sprayed onto your lawn in the form of a slurry. The seed is mixed with a fertilizer, a tackifier, and a hydro-mulch and then sprayed onto your lawn. The seed is the same that is often used in nurseries to grow sod and the fertilizer is a specialized formula to encourage germination. The tackifier is a formula that makes the seeds mildly sticky so that they don’t wash away with the first rainstorm and the hydro-mulch is a paper mulch that is added to the mixture in order to hold moisture around the seeds as well as to give them protection from birds and other animals.

Bushes and Shrubs


The plants that we use are all of high quality and are guaranteed for one year. We choose bushes and shrubs with well-established root system to give them the best chance of vigorous growth once they are seated in your landscape. When we place bushes or shrubs at your location they are always accompanied by detailed instructions for they care and requirements for optimal growth.



When choosing trees for you landscape, our experienced staff members will suggest trees that are locally grown and suited to withstand the unpredictable weather that Chicago experiences. The trees that we plant generally have a trunk diameter of 2 to 3 inches and all are guaranteed for one year. As with the shrubs, you will be given detailed care and growing instructions for any tree that we install on your property.

Stone and Mulch


With over 30 varieties of different shapes, colors, and sizes of rock available, there is almost certainly be one that fits perfectly with your landscape design. We carry full color brochures of all the rocks available and will be happy to provide samples if you like. We also have more than 5 different varieties and colors of mulch available to accent your new landscape

Brick Edging


Many people prefer brick edging and there are a number of reasons that it is so popular. If you have rock or mulch along a walkway the brick keeps it where it belongs and not on your lawn and unlike other types of edging it is virtually maintenance free. We install our brick edgings with the proper base materials to prevent movement and to keep weeds from growing in between them.

Landscape Walls


There are many styles of retaining walls available for your landscape and several of them have just become available in the past few years. These newer styles give your landscape a more customized look and we can incorporate them in a way that will truly accentuate certain aspects of your landscape design. To make certain that you are satisfied with your finished project we always install a properly tamped limestone base to prevent leaning and sagging as time passes.